What is Rejuran?

Rejuran is an injection treatment for skin rejuvenation, containing highly bio-compatible DNA fragments (Polynucleotides) that stimulates collagen synthesis to reverse signs of ageing and repairs damaged skin.

Types of Rejuran

Rejuran S scaled

Rejuran S

Removes scar by repairing damaged tissues. Specifically targets the healing process of their scars

Rejuran I scaled

Rejuran I

Reduces fine wrinkles around the eyes and improve the appearance of dark eye circles.

Rejuran Healer scaled

Rejuran Healer

Revitalize and moisturize your skin for full face rejuvenation and skin healing

Who is suitable?

Anyone who is looking to slow down the signs of skin aging or heal severely damaged skin can consider Rejuran. In addition, people who want to maintain the healthier, brighter skin can also seek out Rejuran.

Face Close up Scaled 1

Eye Wrinkles

Face Close up Scaled 2

Dehydrated Skin

Face Close up Scaled 3

Large Pores

Face Close up Scaled 4

Aging Skin

What you can expect?

  1. Reducing enlarged pores and fine wrinkles
  2. Improving skin elasticity for firmer, lifted skin
  3. Hydrating and moisturizing dry skin
  4. Balancing the sebum and hydration levels of our skin
  5. Reduce dark spots on face caused by scarring
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Provide Eye Rejuvenation

with Rejuran I

Rejuran I provides production of collagen to help damaged skin caused by aging. It provides skin rejuvenation and help reduce dark eye circles.


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Removes your Scars

with Rejuran S

Rejuran activates self-regenerations ability of the skin and improve various skin problems such as scars, inflammation, wrinkles, etc. Remove your acne scars with Rejuran S.


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Revitalise your Skin

with Rejuran Healer

Achieve Skin Balance from inside. Rejuran Healer helps reduce sebum secretion, minimizes skin pore and improves skin tone and texture by recovering the balance between oil and moisture of skin.


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Benefits of Rejuran

The Rejuran Healer is a powerful rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory formula that helps heal skin quickly and reduce the aging process. Rejuran is also an effective preventive against skin aging, resulting in healthy, baby-skin that lasts for months!